Articulate Rise Sample

This is a sample I created in the all new Articulate Rise. It's ease-of-use and WYSIWYG editor gives immediate results and how.

Blocks, quotations, interactive elements, such as tabbed graphics, process graphics, flip cards, timeline, multimedia embeds and quiz have been used in the sample.

Tools: Articulate 360 (Rise), Microsoft PowerPoint.

Access the sample here.

What is Your Kindness Footprint?

We've all heard about the Carbon Footprint and have stressed about what we leave on this planet. Ever wondered about your Kindness Footprint?

This engaging and visually pleasing gamified sample makes use of variables (text, numeric and true/false) throughout the course.

This course rewards the learners in cash and in kind. Play on. Share the best in you!

Tools: Articulate Storyline 360, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Access the sample here.

Flip and Match Tile Game

I created this fun and engaging memory game using the first five Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Learners need to match them to their descriptions.

A buzzer sound and an applause work as an excellent feedback mechanism turning it into a great gamified experience. A lightbox slide offers more information about the SDG tiles just matched. It's a great strategy to help learner focus on the SDGs and learn more about them.

Tools: Articulate 360, Audacity, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Access the sample here.

Articulate Storyline 360 Sample

This sample on the basics of football has cheers from the crowd in a stadium at a live match, referee's whistle, bouncing footballs and questions for quiz that will knock your socks off. You need to score in this game.

The slider feature on the Results screen is used to indicate whether you're a football rookie, a fanatic or a pro. Cheer on!

Tools: Articulate 360, Audacity, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Access the sample here.

Drag and Drop Sample

This is a sample I created in Articulate Storyline 360. Once the learner drags the photo to its corresponding drop target, they also view content related to the drop content. A simple glow effect gives the cue about where the drop target is.

Tools: Articulate 360, Audacity, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Access the sample here.

Branching Scenario Sample

Each day on the site, employees are dealing with situations where any wrong choice can lead to fatal accidents or even a loss of precious lives.

Hence, instructionally, the branching scenarios was the perfect way to let them make critical decisions, choose 'safely' and learn from it.

Javier's facial expressions provide excellent feedback for the choices made in each scenario that branches further.

As this is a portfolio sample, users are guided where to click by way of big red arros appearing on the screen. There is a slight wait of 2-4 seconds before the arrows appear on the screen.

Tools: Adobe Captivate 9.0, Audacity, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Access the sample here.

Gamified Texting Feedback Sample

This project sample showcases how a simple tool as texting can be used for gamifying the content (Texting Etiquette) and present the feedback using humour.

It is fun and engaging. Real message tones and sounds have been used to pique the learner's interest and get them hooked. (pun intended!)

Tools: Adobe Captivate 9.0, Audacity, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Access the sample here.

Software Simulation Sample

This is a short sample showing a software simulation. I've used the real-life eLearning scenario of project status call to weave the software walkthrough in it.

It uses the comic book/ diologue approach where small diolog boxes are visible on screen when a character is speaking. Relevant audio also plays in the background.

Tools: Adobe Captivate 9.0, Audacity, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Access the sample here.

Sleek Tabbed Graphic Sample

Applying principles of gamification and adult learning, I created a module where the learner is given ample autonomy to click and learn as he/she wishes. Instead of going through linear learning, I have placed the control in the learner's hands and the module plays along.

The learner can jump and access any content at any point. Even the quiz is not left out. As long the learner achieves 80% as passing score, they can learn as they please. Also, it has a fully functional and customized TOC.

Tools: Adobe Captivate 9.0, Audacity, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Access the sample here.

Attachment Detachment

I learnt the iSpring authoring tool and play around with the various features and templates that this fantastic and easy-to-use tool offers.

I created this scenario-based learning nugget where each option will have a consequence. Based on the choice, the learner makes, they will be shown the next set of steps or choices. This sample also uses audio.

The manager's facial expression as well as a meter on the right are constant cues about whether the choices made are correct or incorrect. You could either please the manager with the choices (of tasks) you do or cross him with your unprofessional attitude. 

Tools: iSpring Suite 8.3Audacity, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Access the sample here.

The Power of Click and Reveal

With a little creativity, boring, tedious pages of text and PDF can be changed to interactions of basic level. Who says buttons can only be rectangular? 🙂

  • Add color to show which circle/box is highlighted
  • Give different colors to all clickable buttons
  • Simple animations lend drama to the otherwise static page
  • Accordian style / Click and reveal / Progressive disclosure is an excellent instructional strategy to reveal content when the learner is ready to soak in the new information

This is an excerpt from the course I created for UNV. A clean and minimalist white background highlights the colors of the new brand, its templates, guidelines and samples. The original module was created in MS PowerPoint for UNV.

The requirement was to inform the target audience (all UNV personnel under the One Personnel policy of UNV) about the new UNV brand and get them to imbibe the values that UNV stands for.

This course empowers the learner with more information about the refreshed UNV brand, its value-added statements and communication principles and steps to build strategic conversations and relationships.

In addition, the course will help to achieve a sense of pride and a level of confidence about UNV and all its associated communication.

I created a syllabus document detailing the objectives, competency mapping and topic outline before the module was developed. Click here to read what the client had to say about the work.

Tools: Articulate 360, Audacity, Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Access the sample here.

Interactive Word Finder Game for UNV

My client (Communications section at UNV) had just completed a major brand repositioning exercise and wanted their five very important Communication Principles to permeate their employees' system. So much so that she wanted them to live by it.

In my several discussions with the client, I gauged that the Communication Principles were important and wanted ample attention on them. Hence, I wanted to build an exercise around it.

At the same time, I also wanted it to be fun, interactive and engaging rather than a static page that the employees have to sit through.

Voila! The Word Finder Game was born. I made every single cell in this huge game clickable so the learner interacts with the content and experiences the rush of a game, at the same time giving due attention to these five words, the Communication Principles.

Also, the feedback appears as soon as the learner is able to click and find each Communication Principle correctly, reinforcing the learning and providing positive feedback.

Tools: Microsoft PowerPoint.

Guest Interviews, Quotations, Tips & Tricks and more for UNV

This was one of the first modules that I created for UNV's Learning and Innovation section. It was created in MS Powerpoint. Various Instructional design strategies, such as guest interviews, quotations, clickable graphics, engaging graphics were used in order to engage the learner and enable learning.

I wanted to harness the rich and varied experience of Volunteer managers and supervisors within the UN system so that first-time managers could use that knowledge. Hence, I used guest interviews. I also provided transcripts of the interviews where only audio interviews were available.

The target audience for this module were supervisors and managers at an UN Host Agency. They could either be hosting a UN Volunteer for the first time or hosting UN Volunteers again.

The purpose of this module was to inform and inspire the managers, who involve UN Volunteers within their programmes, projects and field operations to better achieve Peace and Development goals.

The module also informs the Volunteer managers and supervisors on how to effectively host the UN Volunteers.

Click here to read what the client had to say about the work.

Tools: Microsoft PowerPoint.